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High Quality Optical and Infrared Filters

Welcome to Instrument Plastics, leading designer, manufacturer and global supplier of high quality, competitively priced, bespoke optical, RFI, laminated and acrylic infrared filters.

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    Optolite™ HSR

    A robust, high temperature, high scratch and impact resistant material.


    EMC Shielding

    for electronic displays, combining a high level of electromagnetic shielding with excellent contrast enhancement.


    Optolite™ Acrylic

    Infrared filter eliminates the visible spectrum improving effectiveness by increasing the signal-to-noise ratio.



    Laminated screens with drastically increased integral strength and unimpaired optical clarity.



    Our polarising and non-polarising filters reduce the glare of electronic displays whilst enhancing contrast.


    Optolite™ Polycarbonate

    A full range of Polycarbonate windows with optically clear or non-glare abrasion resistance coatings.



    Float & Low Ion Glass, anti-reflective, thermally hardened, IR Blocking, machined to size with a wide range of laminated solutions.


    EMI Mesh

    High quality mesh sheets that can be incorporated into a variety of shielded windows, apertures and displays.

As a globally renowned manufacturer with an extensive range of capabilities and solutions Instrument Plastics is a world leader in quality Optical filters. With our diverse range of display solutions Instrument Plastics can help ensure your products are unmatched in Optical quality.

The company also designs and manufactures a range of advanced EMC and RFI shielded optical windows and filters and is actively seeking to expand its international distributor network.

We can handle anything from a one-off prototype to bulk orders of 100,000 or more. Our lead times are short - typically, three to four weeks. Whatever your filter or shield requirements, you should be talking to Instrument Plastics, today. Call us now to talk through how quickly we can help you meet your objectives.

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