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Presenting the Optolite EmiShield Micromesh

Presenting the Optolite EmiShield Micromesh

As a leading manufacturer in bespoke filters, we at Instrument Plastics are always delighted to be able to present a new product to this ever-evolving market. Our latest design innovation has been specifically developed to revolutionise the playing field by redefining what you thought you knew about shielding performance and clarity.

Medical EMI shielded screen

The Optolite EmiShield is an optical solution developed primarily to suit the needs of the Avionics, Military and Medical industries. Representing the very best in design innovation, it encapsulates the needs of an increasingly demanding market and translates them into unequalled light transmission, peak clarity and incomparable noise reduction. Our rigorous development and testing procedures means we’re proud to say that the Optolite EmiShield isn’t just the best product of its type – it’s also the smartest performing product developed for use from within today’s highly competitive optical filter industry.

About EmiShields

Those in the know will be familiar with the uses and applications of EmiShield products. However, some of our customers may be interested to learn more about how these clever devices protect our electronic equipment from signal interference.

Because we live in an increasingly wireless world, our airwaves are becoming more and more polluted with wireless signals which can negatively affect the performance of any type of wireless device. Think about how your phone interferes with your radio – this is exactly the type of problem that can be solved by using an EmiShield. However, because our electronic devices are becoming increasingly sensitive and complex – especially when produced to meet the requirements of highly demanding industries such as aviation and the military – our shielding requirements have naturally evolved and must be addressed by rigorous innovations in the field of optical filter manufacturing.

The Benefits of the Optolite EmiShield Micromesh

Standard EmiShields would typically be coated with Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), which is designed to enhance conductivity whilst reducing glare. However, technological advancements have created the need for enhanced reduction methods that are capable of optimising EmiShield performance without compromising on visibility. This is where our new Optolite EmiShield Micromesh comes in.

Scratch-resistant, durable and featuring a larger open area for enhanced light transmission, the Optolite Micromesh stands head-and-shoulders above the competition in quality of design, durability and conductivity. Offering greater clarity and shielding performance that its ITO-coated counterparts, it’s ideal for use with laminated glass and plastic windows, as well as with electronic displays. Standard mesh windows would typically have a grey tint and therefore offer compromised visibility. Not so with the Optolite EmiShield Micromesh. Expect clear skies as far as the eye can see and detail so sharp you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were using any kind of shield – although the unparalleled performance of your electronic devices should be a dead giveaway.

The enhanced design of our brand new micromesh also removes the need for expensive bus bars on stepped windows, making it the most versatile and easy-to-install product of its kind and the best solution for when you need to maximise space whilst minimising cost.

Technical Specifications

military screen EMI Filter

The Optolite EmiShield Micromesh has been developed specifically to meet the high performance requirements of demanding industries, including, but not limited to, avionics and the military. Consisting of a straightforward four-tier structure, which comprises a masking film, Cu mesh enveloped in a blackened layer, PET film and release liner, its basic properties are designed to enhance durability without compromising flexibility or optical output, as evidenced by our technical datasheet (available to view online here). All of our products can be manufactured to suit individual specifications, meaning the Optolite EmiShield Micromesh is potentially the perfect product to suit any and all of your optical filter needs.

Confidence in Quality

Quality control is of paramount importance to the Instrument Plastics innovations team, which is why all of our products are tested according to a strict assurance procedure. We also showcase our technological innovations at exhibitions around the world, drawing upon carefully considered market research to deliver high performance optical solutions which are designed to remain relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

Ordering the Optolite EmiShield Micromesh couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch via our contact form or pick up the phone to have a chat with our dedicated customer care team. Whatever you need, whenever you need it: Instrument Plastics are the number one choice for high quality bespoke optical filters.

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