Acrylic Infrared & Acrylic Optical Filter Products including RFI Shielded Acrylic

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Instrument Plastics Limited specialise in the manufacture and supply of Optical Grade Contrast Enhancement Filters for electronic displays. These filters are designed to improve display readability by enhancing contrast and reducing reflections whilst also providing protection and improving the overall appearance.We also specialise in Optical colour enhancement solutions and sensor filter technology.

Optolite™ HSR possesses the qualities to out perform many other materials and has the approval of the MOD. Our exceptional approach to display filters technology is demonstrated through our proven track record with handheld instrumentation and rugged displays in a variety of military environments.

Instrument Plastics LTD are also  proud to announce that as well as supplying the highest grade EMI and RFI Optical Filters, Contrast Enhancement Filters, Infrared Pass Filters, Conductive Foils, full screen printing (including UV) , Gaskets and Adhesives. Instrument Plastics LTD has also invested in a State of the Art Laminating Department.

Shielded Laminated windows and Laminated Touch screens (in glass or plastic) can therefore be manufactured to individual specifications. For Shielded Laminated windows Standard or Non-Glare finishes are available as well as various size meshes while angle of mesh can also be specified.  For Touch screens EMI shielding is available along with tinting, printing on glass, chemically strengthening the laminated glass and the adding of a transparent heater. For both touch screens and laminated windows a large range of gaskets and adhesives are also available including a wide range of busbar and flying mesh terminations.

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