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Light Control Film

Privacy Glass - The microlouvers allow for controlled viewing so an unauthorised observer's line of sight is blocked. It is ideal for confidential viewing on CRTs, Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) and anywhere privacy viewing is desired. (Fig 1).

Sunlight Readability – The microlouvers help block out annoying off-axis light while maximising the transmission from the display to the viewer. The result is improved display contrast with minimal loss of brightness (Fig 2).

Light Directing - Light is directed to where it is needed or away from where it is not. It eliminates night-time window reflections in automotive and aeronautical applications. It can also be used to hide the light source in incandescent lighting applications. (Fig 3).

Contrast Enhancement - contrast is improved and glare reduced on electronic displays by blocking out annoying off-axis light, making the display more comfortable to read. The microlouvers maximise the transmission from the display to improve the image with little loss of brightness.


There are numerous uses for displays where privacy is an integral requirement. Outside ATM machines, in flight entertainments screens, secure access entry equipment and other avionic settings are just a few possible applications.

Further Options

An abrasion and solvent resistant coating can also be added to the privacy film to prevent Chipping, peeling or flaking of the film from its substrate. Yet treated film is still clear and transparent with less than 0.5% haze added to the base material.

The light control film can also be specified with gloss or matte finish depending on whether surface glare needs to be reduced.

Matte finish (75% gloss) - Reduce surface glare (specular reflections)

Gloss finish (100% gloss) - Improved display character resolution.

In addition non-resistant treated film can be screen printed. Finally resistant and non-resistant film can be mounted with a frame, bezel or supported by a cover sheet.

Dimensions (Film)

  • Thicknesses 0.030”-0.034” (0.53-0.81mm)
  • Lengths 10” and 30” (254 and 762mm)
  • Width 12” (305mm)

The privacy film can also be die-cut for specialized requirements as well as be adapted to fit spherical surfaces such as CRT’s.

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