Optolite EMIShield Micromesh

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Optolite EMIShield Micromesh

85 OPI mesh at 40x magnification

Instrument plastics are delighted to announce a new range of Emishield Micromesh products which have been developed to give excellent shielding performance and offer unequalled light transmission and clarity.  Furthermore Instrument Plastics can now offer 85, 100 and 150 OPI Micromesh variants which can be supplied with Protective film and adhesive if required.  This means that the Micromesh can be directly applied to Glass or polycarbonate displays if needed. However in order to achieve the best optical finish as well as ensure longevity we would recommend integrating the mesh in a fully laminated window. 

Overview of Optolite Emishield Micromesh 

Our Micromesh consists of an optical quality Pet film which has a Copper layer deposited in a lattice/grid pattern and is further protected by a Nickel layer. This ensures the film has a conductive layer with a very fine etched mesh that is also fully integrated with the transparent carrier. Overall this gives our Micromesh the important properties of high transparency (No moiré effect), low resistance for high-frequency EMI shielding as well as easy application.


Important note
The micromesh can be affected by acid found on human skin. As a result we would suggest handling this material with Gloves or having an additional transparent film layer applied.  In terms of the optical specification for this product small defects are passable.  For further information please contact sales@instrumentplastics.co.uk. 

handle micromesh with gloves


•    Shielding rooms , Computer rooms , laboratory and Instrumentation windows 
•    LCD Windows , military and medical devices and equipment
•    Phone screen shielding 
•    EMI shielding for displays and windows


•    Maximum useable width is 1500mm 
•    Length – Can supply in mm/ Meters if required.
•    Bespoke sheets / sizes are available if CAD / PDF files are emailed to sales@instrumentplastics.co.uk 

Physical and performance properties

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