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New L70 Non-Glare Finish

Dramatically reduces surface reflections and eliminates specular interference giving superior optical clarity...

An effect that has been highlighted by new TFT displays is the specular interference on the non-glare surface of the EMC display filter. This is caused by optical interference between the pitch of the pixels and the size of the peaks and troughs of the non-glare surface.

When this occurs a colouration and sparkle effect can be seen on a plain white screen that is then magnified when colours on the display are introduced.

This interference can cause confusion for operators working with map systems or any information displays with moving fine details.

Instrument Plastics have recently developed the L70 Non-glare finish, which cuts down surface reflections so the display can be used in high brightness environments and eliminates specular interference giving superior optical clarity for ease of reading the display.

By combining the new L70 Non-glare finish with Optolite™ HSR you have a material that possesses the qualities to out perform many other materials and has the approval of the MOD.

Optolite™ filters increase contrast by passing the wavelengths of light from the display whilst partially absorbing other wavelengths of ambient light. Selected Optolite™ colours are available which are matched to the transmission characteristics of the display, with a proven track record among handheld instruments and rugged displays in a variety of military environments.

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